Métiers Rares is a Craft-Thinking studio…


By day, Métiers Rares imagines and builds bridges between brands and craftsmen.


By night, Métiers Rares is committed to making the spirit of rare craftsmen heard and spreading their values of excellence, creativity, transmission and fraternity. Discover The Craft Project


The Studio Métiers Rares is specialized in the sourcing and storytelling of rare trades.


  • Sourcing of materials and know-how
  • Conception and 3D design
  • Prototyping and production monitoring
  • Texts, films and podcasts on craftsmanship



Raphalle Le Baud

Raphaëlle Le Baud

Graduated from Sciences Po Paris and La Sorbonne, Raphaëlle fell into the crafts in 2010 when she took over and developed the Maison d’éventails Duvelleroy  with Eloise Gilles. She co-founded Mayaro in 2015 to design a Parisian laboratory for the arts and crafts. She is a jury member of the Banque Populaire foundation for the arts and crafts and author of several publications on the sector. She has a network of craftsmen in all disciplines. She created the podcast The Craft Project and the Think Tank of the same name to think about the future of the crafts.


In 2018, she founded Métiers Rares to create fertile bridges between her ever-renewed network of craftspeople and the Houses of Excellence, whose expectations and language she knows well. She surrounds herself with a team as passionate as she is in tune with the values of craftsmanship: excellence, fraternity, humility and creativity.



Bronzier of art, sculptor, 3D designer Pierre Salagnac is a craftsman found of innovation and transmission. When he is not sculpting metal bonsai, he accompanies Métiers Rares in crafts sourcing, design, 3D conception and prototyping.

Pierre Salagnac

Bronzier of art

Graduated from Penninghen, Geronimo is a photographer, director, composer, video maker. When he is not doing motion design for luxury houses, he accompanies Métiers Rares in the creation of content on rare trades.


Film Director

Papergram is a graphic communication agency. They accompany Métiers Rares for illustrations, digital content, website and communication.


Graphic Design

Philippe Calvayrach is a sound engineer. He accompanies Métiers Rares for the editing and mixing of audio content, starting with the Craft Project podcasts.

Philippe Calvayrach

Sound Engineer