Cognac and Arts and Crafts, Episode 1: The Treasure of Time

I discovered cognac in December 2017, when I was invited by a House to work on craftsmen’s items for client gifts. Arriving as a newcomer, I left with a passion and enthusiasm for the materials and know-how involved in the elaboration and blending of eaux de vie. The wicker of the “Dames Jeannes”. The oak of the weaves. The copper of the stills. But what touched me the most is that no other manufacture says better the passage of time. Hundreds of years.

A craftsman does not measure his work in minutes or even hours. The physical gesture he makes is anecdotal with regard to technical research, the culture of the material, the preparation of the workshop or the shaping of his own tools. Picasso said of a drawing that he needed “70 years and 3 minutes” to make it.

Raphaëlle de Panafieu